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Did men ever wonder why women swallow the this fact we women, including me, love to eat the cum that is so gratifying and nothing wrong..except those who do not like the cum..but some like these Mona and Jenny luv the cum as much as I do.
I dont like that Asian face,it ruined the entire scene.Such a shame ,because Jenny Glam is awesome.
great movie, ass gape to mouth, love it!
I like this scene. Two hot girls, not too much tease, a decent amount of pussy fucking and a super easy switch to anal at 22:15+. Not quite sure about the camerawork at 38:00 when it's on it's side.. this is how videos on youtube look, filmed on mobile folks, and it makes me feel dizzy. It's not clever. There's good A2M from about halfway. It's a solid video with two really cute girls. An internal cumshot would have been better, but still, 9/10. (..reviewer-SJ)
Jenny Glam is one of my favorite models, she is really pretty. And this is the first time I see Mona Kim, she is also a very gorgeous girl. Both girls make a great display especially because they have the same color of hair and eyes and almost the same color of skin, they look like sisters. Instead of just the male performer getting to the scene saying "hello [...] what's up" it had been fantastic to do a girl, girl act with Jenny and Mona. I wish scenes with male performers where much less aggressive, this could had been an amazing scene. I did love the performance of Mona and also of course how Jenny did. My favorite part was the ending with both girls swallowing cum. 8/10 [-Ramon VM]
Jenny Glam is back, taking more cock inside her bubbly butt and breaking in Russian Mona Kim in the process. Both girls are wearing ripped leggings with matching thongs and tops. So far, so good. The bad news is that this tease appears to be the shortest ever - only 2:20 minutes! For a 65-minute scene that is inexcusable. PG is usually great with opening segments, but not here.

One advantage to this is that the update is packed with more sex than average. The foreplay is also very good; the babes get stacked as the guy fingers and eats their holes. They take turns sucking before getting on all fours for a back-and-forth vaginal + anal warmup. My favorite moments were the anal stacking from 29:40 - 33:20, the mutual "ass to other girl's mouth" and the cute tops staying on the entire time. The closing pop gets split between the two as they swallow and suck one last time.

Two criticisms: (1) The incredibly short tease, with the leggings gone too soon and zero toy/lesbian play. (2) The lighting was too dim, which has never happened with this location. Jenny is exciting as always, and newcomer Mona is a real surprise. Invite both models often, but please, allow them to tease us first.

- Ivan