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Jenny is one of my favorite girls what a great body! she is soo curvy and thick i can't get enough of her.Her lips and sexy face are so amazing. Please bring her back! Marko
amazing all the girls gape asshole ,thats talent wow
Jenny Glam is back and is still absolutely gorgeous but please, no more tattoos, Jenny. I am a big fan of the initial teasing portion of her videos due to her beautiful face and hot body. This tease includes a jeweled butt plug which looks just fine. She quickly shows her male partner that she knows how to suck his cock very nicely. I know this is an AssTraffic video but I could never skip penetrating her lovely pussy even for the anal plunge which the male talent takes energetically. Solid action but the cumshot in her mouth was disappointing. Male porn stars are human too! 8/10 mmmgood
If Jenny Glam has a perfect feature it's her legs - they are absolutely beautiful. I'm not a fan of tattoos on women, but her upper leg ink actually enhances her appeal. Second best feature? Her bubbly ass, of course. She shows it off well during the short tease, making sure we get a good look, though I would've preferred more time with her jean shorts on.

Jenny's cock arrives quickly and receives a nice suck from our girl. After the guy uses her cunt to warm up, he turns his attention to her tight asshole. The best-looking action starts at 29:10, with Jenny standing on a chair and squatting while the guy stuffs her from behind. It's not the most stable position, but it looks incredibly sexy! I would love to see more of this. The sex is brisk, energetic and topped off with a watery load in Jenny's mouth.

As with most Euro models I wish Jenny had been more vocal. This is an area in which PG needs definite improvement; if a girl doesn't speak much English then have her talk dirty in her native language. Besides that, this is a very enjoyable exercise in butt sex.

- Ivan
On this update we have another big surprise with the return of Jenny Glam! Although I don't know form which series/network site is this scene, ass traffic perhaps? Is always good to have new material of this beauty, she always do well! Her legs and ass like always can melt you by just looking at them. And her flirtation at all times makes a good connection with the viewer. She was already prepared for anal, as before starting the scene she introduced herself a dildo inside her ass. The performance of Jenny was very good like in other scenes; nevertheless the male performer didn't let Jenny to show what she knows to do best and he was also abrupt. Jenny rescues the scene liking and sucking all the cum majestically! This scene had to be more than a 10 but the male performer ruined it a bit. 9/10 [-Ramon VM]