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28:32 wow amazing. Love this girl and her asshole
Her eyes and the expression of her face, makes Anina to look cute and innocent, but her hands and body shows the opposite. She has an exquisite ass and a pussy that gets very wet in matter of minutes. Anina sucks cock as hard as she can and at the same time she likes to give very sloppy blowjobs. It looks like she suffers at the time she is penetrated with that big cock but after that everything continues fine. I think Anina should be more natural and less exaggerated moans. What it saves the scene is that she swallowed the complete load of cum and that she is very pretty, but I think she can do it better. 8/10 [-Ramon]
Wow, Anina is back and she's much more comfortable in front of the camera. I still think she's perfect for GiveMePink but she goes right to AssTraffic in this scene. She has a lovely face and shows much more emotion this time whether she is smiling, reacting to her tight ass being fucked, or taking a cumshot in her mouth. Her tight body is perfect for this scene and despite her being a relative newcomer, she pulls it off impressively. Fanatastic improvement! Please bring her back. 8.5/10 mmmgood
I really love anal scene, but I do not like when the cameramen (or director) is showing more the face of the actress than her ass. We can see the ASS, the gape! Please!
Ready my request!
Nice swallowing
It doesn't seem too long ago I was reviewing Anina when she was on Allinternal, taking a creampie in her pussy. I said at the time, "She has a truly stand-out butt which is simply perfect, and at the end, after the guy deposits his load and she spreads her ass wide, it is just begging to be brought back for anal". It seems that the porn pixies at PG were listening and here she is, back to test her butt and see what it's made of.

She looks a little different, straight hair and I think she was cuter with it wavey. Anina is in the kitchen but she's not cooking a souffle, instead getting ready for some butt fucking. She does some diddling and sticks a dildo up her ass and it's not too long before the male talent arrives and gets to work. After some back and forth and a compulsory BJ, he starts on her pussy at 16:50, giving her long hard strokes doggy style. He warms her up a little before moving to anal at 21:25 and the way she's arching her back and crimping her face, she's new to this. Her ass is super tight and when he's trying to get her to gape, e.g. 34:20, it's hopeless and her ass springs tight shut each time. This is what we want to see.

He finally pops on her tongue after a marathon workthrough of anal positions. She's at her best through, being dominated doggy-style.

It's a good scene and it's nice to see new talent coming into the business. More of these fresh girls please. 9/10 (..reviewer-SJ).